Hermit crabs Calcinus of the world (Anomura: Diogenidae)


Calcinus californiensis Bouvier, 1898

Illustrations. - • Calcinus californiensis Bouvier, 1898. Photo transmitted by M.K. Wicksten.

References. - Calcinus californiensis Bouvier, 1898: 380 (type locality: 'île San José', Gulf of California).

Calcinus californiensis - Hendrick & Harvey, 1999: 368 (additional references and distribution: From Magdalena Bay, west coast of Baja California, to Huatulco bays, Mexico; Clipperton Island). - Boschi, 2000: 71 (Checklist; Cortés and Panamic provinces).

Shield and cephalic appendages. - Ocular scale with a single terminal spine (Type specimen with additional spinule, unilaterally, on left scale). Species of normal size, i.e. shield length often greater than 2–3 mm.

Chelipeds (P1). - Upper margin of right chela smooth. Outer face of left palm regularly convex.

Ambulatory legs (P2-P3). - Dorsolateral margins of P3 propodi rounded. Distal pilosity of P3 weak, similar to distal P2.

Armament of telson. - Left lobe of telson with a single spine. Right lobe with a single spine.

Coloration. - Ocular peduncle multicolored with narrow ring close to cornea. Detailed coloration of ocular peduncle: brown, burgundy or purple, with narrow white ring close to cornea. Chela uniformly colored, often grading to paler distally (black with orange on margins). Ambulatory legs (P2 & P3) without ring(s) or spot(s).

Habitat. - Intertidal rocky shores.

Geographic distribution. - From Magdalena Bay, west coast of Baja California, to Huatulco bays, Mexico; Clipperton Island. East Pacific.

Remarks. - Type specimens examined in Paris MNHN (J. Poupin): 1 male 5.8 mm, 1 female 2.2 mm, Gulf of California, 'île San José', coll. L. Diguet '57–98' (?=5/07/1898) (MNHN Pg 632).

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