Hermit crabs Calcinus of the world (Anomura: Diogenidae)


Calcinus gaimardii (H. Milne Edwards, 1848)

Illustrations. - • Specimen from Taiwan (copyright H.T. Shih). After Shih, 1998. • Specimen from Taiwan (copyright H.T. Shih). After Shih, 1998.

References. - Pagurus gaimardii H. Milne Edwards, 1848: 68 (type locality: Indonesia).

Calcinus gaimardii - Dana, 1852: 457; 1855: pl. 8, fig. 9 (Fiji, Borneo, Sulu Sea). - De Man, 1902: 740 (Indian Ocean). - Fize & Serène, 1955: 49 (Vietnam; pro parte). - Miyake, 1978: 54 (Japan). - Yu, 1986: 11, pl. 1e (Taiwan). - Morgan, 1991: 857 (Australia; pro parte, fig. 13). - Jones & Morgan, 1994: 113, 114, colored fig. (Australia). - Tudge, 1995: 10 (pro parte, fig. 4c, d; Australia). - Shi, 1998: 86 (proparte, fig. 10, 11, 12 only; Taiwan). - Rahayu & Forest, 1999: 463 (Indonesia, Vanuatu). - Minemizu, 2000: 136 (Japan). - Asakura et al., 2002: 36 (Japan). - Asakura, 2002: 48 (type specimen and Japan). - Kawamoto & Okuno, 2003: 74 (Okinawa, Japan).

Calcinus terrae-reginae - De Man, 1888: 226 (Indian Ocean 'Mergui archipelago).

[Not Calcinus gaimardii - Poupin, 1997: 688 = C. morgani Rahayu & Forest, 1999]

Unpublished sp. - numerous specimens, coll. MUSORSTOM 2, 14 December 1980, Olango reef in from of Mactan Biological Marine Center, Philippines, det. J. Poupin and P. McLaughlin (MNHN, Paris).

Shield and cephalic appendages. - Ocular scale with a single terminal spine.

Chelipeds (P1). - Upper margin of right chela tuberculated or spinous. Outer face of left palm regularly convex.

Ambulatory legs (P2-P3). - Dactyl of P3 subequal to propodus or slightly shorter. Distal pilosity of P3 dense, forming a brush of setae.

Armament of telson. - Left lobe of telson with several spines disposed on posterior margin only (2–4). Right lobe with several spines (1–3).

Coloration. - Shield pale brown to red brown (coloration sometimes limited to 1/5 distal half). Ocular peduncle multicolored with narrow ring close to cornea. Detailed coloration of ocular peduncle: brown proximally, distal 1/4 and latero-ventral surfaces orange, narrow blue ring close to cornea. Distal antennular peduncle blue or dark blue (flagella yellow). Distal antennal peduncle yellow-orange (flagellum with same color). Chela uniformly colored, often grading to paler distally (background black turning to brown distally; carpus of cheliped dark brown). Ambulatory legs (P2 & P3) without ring(s) or spot(s).

Habitat. - Intertidal rocky shores.

Geographic distribution. - Eastern Indian Ocean; western and central Pacific: Philippines, western Indonesia and Australia to Taiwan and Japan, Fiji, Vanuatu, eastern Australia. Indo-West Pacific.

Remarks. - Sibling species of Calcinus morgani Rahayu & Forest, 1999. The two species are mainly separated by their color pattern (see under C. morgani).

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