Hermit crabs Calcinus of the world (Anomura: Diogenidae)


Calcinus paradoxus Bouvier, 1922

Illustrations. - • Left (top) and right (middle) chelipeds, left P2 (bottom), and cephalic appendages. Adapted from Bouvier (1922).

References. - Calcinus paradoxus Bouvier, 1922: 16 (type locality: close to 'Praina de Pico' Azores).

Calcinus paradoxus - Ingle, 1993: 66 (Azores; type specimen). - Udekem d'Acoz, 1999: 172 (List).

Shield and cephalic appendages. - Ocular scale with a single terminal spine. Small species, shield length does not exceed 2–3 mm.

Chelipeds (P1). - Upper margin of right chela tuberculated or spinous. Outer face of left palm regularly convex.

Ambulatory legs (P2-P3). - Dorsolateral margins of P3 propodi rounded. Dactyl of P3 subequal to propodus or slightly shorter. Distal pilosity of P3 weak, similar to distal P2 (to be confirmed).

Habitat. - Deep (523 m, in serpulid tube).

Geographic distribution. - Still known only from type locality: Azores ('Près de Prainha de Pico et S. Jorge; 523 m). East Atlantic.

Remarks. - Species still known only from type specimen, 1 ovigerous female 8 mm. Ingle (1993: 66) has this comment: "This specimen has been re-examined during the present study. It has a shield length of 1.10 mm and left cheliped and pereiopod 3 are missing along with the two eggs mentioned by Bouvier." Although Ingle (1993) conclude that this specimen can reasonably be kept in the genus Calcinus, Bouvier (1922: 17) has some doubt on it: "Cette espèce se distingue de tous les autres Calcinus par une série de caractères qui permettraient peut-être d'établir pour elle un genre spécial".

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