Hermit crabs Calcinus of the world (Anomura: Diogenidae)


Calcinus vanninii Gherardi & McLaughlin, 1994

Illustrations. - • Left cheliped, outer face. After Gherardi & McLaughlin, 1994.

References. - Calcinus vanninii Gherardi & McLaughlin, 1994: 624 (type locality, Mauritius).

Calcinus vanninii - Poupin & McLaughlin, 1998: 22 (Réunion).

Shield and cephalic appendages. - Ocular scale with a single terminal spine (1–2, occasionally 3 spines).

Chelipeds (P1). - Upper margin of right chela tuberculated or spinous. Outer face of left palm with longitudinal depression(s) (two shallow depressions, lower depression contiguous with lower margin of palm).

Ambulatory legs (P2-P3). - Dactyl of P3 subequal to propodus or slightly shorter. Distal pilosity of P3 weak, similar to distal P2. Ventral margin of P3 dactyl with 10 spines or more (10–13).

Armament of telson. - Left lobe of telson with a single spine. Right lobe with a single spine.

Coloration. - Shield orange (red-orange, darkest anteriorly and laterally). Ocular peduncle multicolored without narrow ring close to cornea. Detailed coloration of ocular peduncle: proximally dark red-orange, grading to cream distally. Distal antennular peduncle purple or burgundy (basal segments purplish-brown; flagella purple). Distal antennal peduncle yellow-orange (basal segments of the same color; flagellum yellow). Chela uniformly colored, often grading to paler distally (red-orange turning to paler distally; carpus of cheliped dark orange-red, white at tip of tubercles and spines). Ambulatory legs (P2 & P3) without ring(s) or spot(s) (meri, carpi, and proximal 3/4 of propodi red-orange; distal 1/4 of propodi and dactyls reddish-purple, with tips of dactyls white).

Habitat. - Intertidal rocky shores.

Geographic distribution. - Western Indian Ocean: Réunion and Mauritius. Indo-West Pacific.

Remarks. - One a the three species that have not the outer face of chela regularly convex (see also C. imperialis and C. isabellae).

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