Tropical reef lobsters of the genus Enoplometopus
(Astacidea, Enoplometopidae)



Several illustrations included in this work have been obtained through the courtesy of the following, listed by alphabetical order:

Brito, A. - Enoplometopus antillensis, E. callistus (photographs published by J.A. González Pérez)
Debelius, H. - Enoplometopus daumi, E. debelius, E. occidentalis, E. holthuisi (see is new crustacea guide)
Chan, T.Y. - Enoplometopus occidentalis (photograph P.H. Ho, published in Chan & Yu).
González Pérez, J.A. - Enoplometopus antillensis, E. callistus
Herrera, R. - Enoplometopus callistus
Hirayama, S. - Enoplometopus voigtmanni (photograph transmitted through courtesy of K. Nomura and K.I. Hayashi)

Lissalde, C. - Enoplometopus holthuisi (photographs by P. Laboute, IRD)
Türkay, M. - Enoplometopus voigtmanni (photographs by H. Voigtman)
Wirtz, P. - Enoplometopus antillensis (see his books and photographs)

At the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, A. Crosnier has helped with bibliographic research, and R. Cleva and N. Ngoc-Ho with access to Decapoda collections.

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