Tropical reefs lobsters of the genus Enoplometopus
(Astacidea, Enoplometopidae)


Enoplometopus chacei Kensley & Child, 1986

ILLUSTRATIONS. - • Holotype from Philippines, total length 109.5 mm. After Kensley & Child (1986, fig. 1). Drawing by Molly Kelly Ryan. • Holotype, right chela. After Kensley & Child (1986, fig. 2). • Holotype, telson and left uropod, setae omitted. After Kensley & Child (1986, fig. 2).

REFERENCES. - Enoplometopus chacei Kensley & Child, 1986: 520 (Type locality: South end of Mananioy Bay, Batan Island, Philippines, 20° 24' 40"N, 121° 58' 35"E, 2 m).

Enoplometopus chacei - de Saint Laurent, 1988: 61 (List). - Chan & Yu, 1998: 190 (Key).

LOCATION OF TYPES SPECIMENS. - Philippines National Museum, Manila.

MATERIAL EXAMINED. - None. Data from literature.

CARAPACE. - Lateral edge of rostrum with two spines. Carapace armed with four median spines (plus anterior tubercle bearing setae); no postcervical spine or an indistinct one (postcervical tubercle); three lateral spines; two intermediate spines; one supra-ocular spine.

CHELIPEDS (P1) & AMBULATORY LEGS (P2 to P5). - Chela long and slender, 4–7 times as long as wide (about 4 times longer than wide on Kensley & Child, 1986, fig. 2e); dactyl of cheliped with spines and tubercles on outer margin; 2 or 3 distal spines, behind which the margin is smooth or with low blunt tubercules; upper and lower faces of chela with tubercles (12 or 13 rounded tubercles in irregular double row). Dactyl of second pereiopod short less than 0.3 times as long as propodus (0.25 length of propodus on holotype); carpus with a distoventral spine.

ABDOMEN & TELSON. - Pleurae of abdominal somites II to V rounded or bluntly pointed. Anteroventral margins of pleurae II to V smooth. Posterior margin of sixth abdominal tergite smooth or tuberculated, but without true spines. Male first pleopod without distal or subdistal indentation. Telson with one lateral spine; and three distolateral spines.

COLORATION. - Ground color of body orange red. Lateral face of carapace with color spots only on lower part (to be confirmed). Ambulatory legs almost uniformely colored (orange-red). Abdomen with white patch on pleuron of abdominal somite 2 (posterior margins of somites 2–5 with alternating pale and brown spots).

DISTRIBUTION. - Philippines: Batan Island. Deep distribution: 2 meters.

REMARKS. - This species is still known only by the holotype (male carapace length 36.7 mm) deposited in the Philippines National Museum, Manila. Its coloration is known from color transparencies of fresh dead animal, not seen for this work.

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