Tropical reefs lobsters of the genus Enoplometopus
(Astacidea, Enoplometopidae)


Enoplometopus crosnieri Chan & Yu, 1998

ILLUSTRATIONS. - • Specimen from Marquesas Islands, total length about 200 mm. Copyright J. Poupin. • Specimen from Marquesas Islands, total length about 200 mm. Copyright J. Poupin. • Specimen from Marquesas Islands, total length about 200 mm. Copyright J. Poupin.

REFERENCES. - Enoplometopus crosnieri Chan & Yu, 1998: 184 (Type locality: Keelung, northern Taiwan; also Timor Sea near Darwin, Australia and Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia; color photographs).

Enoplometopus sp. nov. - Poupin et al., 1990: 16 (French Polynesia; color photograph). - Poupin, 1996b: 12 (Hiva Oa, Ua Pou; 100–120m; color photograph). - Poupin, 1998: 37 (Checklist).

LOCATION OF TYPES SPECIMENS. - National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung (NTOU).

MATERIAL EXAMINED. - French Polynesia: Marquesas Islands: Ua Pou, coll. Frv Marara, st. 288, 28/08/1990, 9°20.5'S, 140°02.0'W, trap 120 m, 1 male cl 45 mm, 4 ovigerous females cl 35–43 mm (MNHN As 570), 2 males cl 40–47 mm, 2 ovigerous females cl 41–46 mm (MNHN As 571); Hiva Oa, coll. Frv Marara, st. 193, 09/11/1989, 9°49.7’S, 139°09.1’W, trap 100 m, 1 male cl 39 mm (MNHN As 560); coll. Frv Alis, MUSORSTOM 9 cruise, st. CP1227, 30/08/199, 9°44.2'S, 138°52.5'W, trawl 84–85 m, remains of chela only (MNHN As 616). - North Australia, Timor sea: coll. A.J. Bruce, 1 male cl 40 mm (NTM Cr009567).

CARAPACE. - Lateral edge of rostrum with two spines. Carapace armed with six median spines; one postcervical spine; two lateral spines; one intermediate spine; one supra-ocular spine.

CHELIPEDS (P1) & AMBULATORY LEGS (P2 to P5). - Chela broad and compressed, about 3 times as long as wide; dactyl of cheliped with spines and tubercles on outer margin; spines disposed over the full length; upper and lower faces of chela with tubercles. Dactyl of second pereiopod long, about 0.3 times as long as propodus; carpus without distoventral spine.

ABDOMEN & TELSON. - Pleurae of abdominal somites II to V rounded or bluntly pointed. Anteroventral margins of pleurae II to V smooth. Posterior margin of sixth abdominal tergite smooth or tuberculated, but without true spines. Male first pleopod without distal or subdistal indentation. Telson with one lateral spine; and three distolateral spines (inner spine the longest, the two other sometimes indistinct).

COLORATION. - Ground color of body orange red. Lateral face of carapace with a large white circle. Ambulatory legs orange red with narrow white bands. Abdomen with some scattered red blotches and white spots.

DISTRIBUTION. - West Pacific: Taiwan. - Northern Australia: Timor sea, near Darwin. - South central Pacific: French Polynesia, Marquesas Islands (Hiva Oa, Ua Pou). Deep distribution: 84–120 meters.

REMARKS. - Although rarely captured, this species could be common since more than 10 specimens have been trapped at the same fishing station in front of the Island of Ua Pou, Marquesas (J. Poupin, fishing log).

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