Tropical reefs lobsters of the genus Enoplometopus
(Astacidea, Enoplometopidae)


Enoplometopus debelius Holthuis, 1983

ILLUSTRATIONS. - • Specimen from Indo-Pacific, after Debelius (1984: 41). Copyright H. Debelius. • Specimen from Indo-Pacfic, after Debelius (1984: 44), photo v.d. Nieuwenhuizen. Copyright H. Debelius/V.D. Nieuwenhuizen. • Specimen from aquarium, after Debelius & Baensch (1994: 583). Copyright H. Debelius.

REFERENCES. - Enoplometopus (Enoplometopus) debelius Holthuis, 1983: 283 (Type locality: Holotype, Hawaii, 25 m; also Indonesia for Paratypes; color photographs).

Enoplometopus debelius - de Saint Laurent, 1988: 61 (List). - Allen & Steene, 1994: 145 (No locality; color illustration). - Gosliner et al., 1996: 219, photograph 795 (Indonesia). - Chan & Yu, 1998: 190 (Key). - Hoover, 1998: 240 (Hawaii; color photograph).

? Enoplometopus occidentalis - Kubo, 1952: 97 (Taiji, Wakama prefecture, Kii peninsula, Japan) [Not Enoplometopus occidentalis (Randall, 1840)].

LOCATION OF TYPES SPECIMENS. - Rijks Museum van Natuurlijke Historie, Leiden (RMNH; Holotype); Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt a.M. (SMF; Paratypes).

MATERIAL EXAMINED. - New Caledonia: Loyalty Islands, Ouvéa,"île haute" 19/11/1991, dive at 11 m, coll. J.P. Menou (Photo CB1073), 1 female juvenile, cl 12 mm (MNHN As 576).

CARAPACE. - Lateral edge of rostrum with three spines. Carapace armed with four median spines; one postcervical spine; three lateral spines; two intermediate spines; one supra-ocular spine.

CHELIPEDS (P1) & AMBULATORY LEGS (P2 to P5). - Chela broad and compressed, about 3 times as long as wide; dactyl of cheliped with spines and tubercles on outer margin; 2 or 3 distal spines, behind which the margin is smooth or with low blunt tubercules; upper and lower faces of chela with tubercles (scattered granules including a median row of slightly larger granules). Dactyl of second pereiopod long, about 0.3 times as long as propodus; carpus with a distoventral spine.

ABDOMEN & TELSON. - Pleurae of abdominal somites II to V rounded or bluntly pointed. Anteroventral margins of pleurae II to V smooth. Posterior margin of sixth abdominal tergite smooth or tuberculated, but without true spines. Male first pleopod without distal or subdistal indentation. Telson with one lateral spine; and three distolateral spines.

COLORATION. - Ground color of body whitish or very pale purple. Lateral face of carapace with numerous non-ocellated spots or patches. Ambulatory legs almost uniformely colored. Abdomen with non-ocellated spots or patches.

DISTRIBUTION. - Indonesia. - West Pacific: ?Japan (Kii peninsula); New Caledonia (Loyalty Islands: Ouvéa). - Central Pacific: Hawaii. Deep distribution: 25 meters.

REMARKS. - Specimen examined herein has a juvenile chela, 4.6 times as long as broad, without tubercles on upper face.

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