Tropical reef lobsters of the genus Enoplometopus
(Astacidea: Enoplometopidae)

J. Poupin
Ecole Navale, IRENav/GIS research group, BP 600, F29240, BREST NAVAL FRANCE
Fax (33) 02 98 23 38 57,

Identification and Information Retrieval using Intkey (Windows 95/NT or later)

In the future this package could be included in the . In the meantime, you can test a preliminary version by downloading the following files on your computer (note that INTKEY is free but runs only on PC).


Download first the INTKEY installation file intk32.exe (if not already on your PC): 1) Click here;  2) Save the file intk32.exe in any folder; 3) Run it to install Intkey.

Download then the Indo-West Pacific Enoplometopus dataset, preferably on a separate folder (e.g. Enoplometopus): 1) Click here to download the dataset (; 2) Extract the file using WinZip;  3) Run the identification by double clicking on

Examples of screen shots taken under Intkey program