Tropical reef lobsters of the genus Enoplometopus
(Astacidea, Enoplometopidae)



J. Poupin - Ecole Navale, IRENav/GIS research group, BP 600, F29240, BREST NAVAL FRANCE, Fax (33) 02 98 23 38 57,


This is a contribution to the taxonomic studies of the Decapods Crustacea, focusing on the lobsters of the genus Enoplometopus. These small lobsters are widespread in tropical and subtropical areas. They are of no interest for fisheries but are often kept in marine aquariums, because of their beautiful colors.

Preparation of these pages has been initiated by a study of the Enoplometopus species captured around the French Polynesian Islands, which has necessitated the revision of the 11 species currently known in the genus (Poupin submitted). The data were processed by the DELTA database system (Dallwitz, Paine, and Zurcher) which has the advantage of quickly generating internet pages, descriptions, and keys to the species. Therefore, these pages were realized in parallel to the formal taxonomic study of the French Polynesian species. In addition to the taxonomic descriptions and keys to the species, they include color illustrations of almost all the species.

Remark - The photographs made by the author can be used freely, for non commercial purposes only. Other color photographs included in these pages are the courtesy of the scientists quoted in the Acknowledgment section. Any usage of their illustrations require their authorization.

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