Ajoûts ou modifications aux listes documentées publiées dans Atoll Research Bulletin

Additions/modifications to the documented checklists published in Atoll Research Bulletin

Reférence/Reference Poupin, 1996a, 1998


cl. - Carapace length.
coll. - Origin of collections.
FRV -  Fishing Research Vessel.
det. - Origin of determination.
MNHN - Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris.
ZMH - Zoological Institute and Museum, University of Hamburg.


Infra-Order Dendrobranchiata

Family Aristaeidae

Family Penaeidae

Family Solenoceridae

Family Sicyoniidae

Family Sergestidae

Most of the species recently added from Vereshchaka (2000) revision of the genus Sergia. More details for each species in 'Database' section; see also 'References' section (back to list)

Infra-Order Stenopodidae

Family Stenopodidae

Infra-Order Caridea

Family Nematocarcinidae

Family Bathypalaemonellidae

Family Atyidae & Palaemonidae

Remark: a study of freshwater crustaceaand fishes of French Polynesia is currently under study at the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris (P. Keith and E. Vigneux). On November 17, 1999, P. Keith informed us that : "Un atlas sortira en 2000 ... Nous avons de nouvelles stations pour les espèces mais aussi plusieurs Macrobrachium nouveaux et une redécouverte à confimer chez les Atyidés". (back to list)

Family Stylodactylidae

Family Hippolytidae

Infra-Order Thalassinidea

Family Callianassidae

Infra-Order Astacidea

Family Enoplometopidae

Infra-Order Palinuridea

Family Pylochelidae

(new records from Galil, 2000, see references) - back to list

Family Palinuridae

Family Scyllaridae

  • Scyllarides haanii (De Haan, 1841) - New record from a Tahitian fisherman, Marc Letizia (det. T.Y. Chan, only from a colour photograph). This species was caught during a fishing campaign (1990) in the south of the area (traps, 20-100 m, Marotiri and Rapa Islands, Thiers and Neislon bank). According to A. Stein, Service des Recherches Marine, Tahiti, who kindly transmitted a photograph of this Scyllarides, about 2 tonnes were trapped by the fishing boat ! (e-mail January 27, 2000) (see photograph).


    Infra-Order Anomura

    Family Coenobitidae

    Family Diogenidae

    Family Galatheidae

  • Munida elegantissima de Man, 1902 - Listed and illustrated in Poupin (1996: 22, pl. 10d, Eiao; 55m). The illustrated specimen has been lost, but it obviously belongs to Raymunida cagneti Macpherson & Machordom, 2000, recently described from the Marquesas Islands (53-112 m), and affiliated to Munida elegantissima de Man, 1902 (see Macpherson & Machordom, 2000 paper). (back to list).
  • Raymunida cagneti Macpherson & Machordom, 2000 - Replaces Munida elegantissima, see above. (back to list).


    Several new records from Macpherson, 2000 (see references)

    Family Chirostylidae

    Family Porcellanidae

    Remark: presence of two species in French Polynesia, Liopetrolisthes mitra and Pachycheles monilifer, was very uncertain (see origins of records below). Dr. Bernd Werding, Institut fuer Allgemeine und Spezielle Zoologie, sent us the following comment (7 January 1999) : "I was astonished to find Liopetrolisthes mitra and Pachycheles monilifer in the list. Liopetrolisthes mitra is known as a species from the eastern Pacific with a range from Callao (Peru) to Estrecho de Magallanes (southern Chile). Pachycheles monilifer is widely distributed in the western Atlantic and known from only two localities of the pacific coast of South America." For the time being, it seems better to remove these two species from our list (back to list).

    Family Albuneidae

    Family Lithodidae

    Infra-Order Brachyura

    Family Dromiidae

        Additions by McLay, 2001 (see references and database)

    Family Dynomenidae

        New combination and records from McLay (1999; see references)


    Family Latreillidae

    Family Homolidae

    Lamoha, replacement name for Hypsophrys, by Ng (1998), see references (back to list)

    Family Calappidae

    Family Parthenopidae

    Family Goneplacidae

    Family Portunidae

    Several portunids collected in French Polynesia (see some photographs here) are currently studied by A. Crosnier, MNHN. He kindly informed us that several alterations will have to be made to the present list after publication of his study(e-mail September, 15, 2000).( back to list)

    Family Trapeziidae

    Family Grapsidae

    Family Palicidae


    Remarks: New records of  Stomatopoda comes from Roy Caldwell and students collections at Moorea Berkeley Research Center. All of the species were identified by either Ray Manning (deceased 18.01.2000) or Roy Caldwell. Representative specimens are deposited at the Smithsonian or at U. C. Berkeley (back to list).

    In additions to these new records, Caldwell also mentions from Moorea : Alima sp?, Collected as larvae, very common, adults seen in burrow on sand flats ; Echinosquilla guerini, rubble, 30m (only one juvenile taken) ; Gonodactylus childi, rubble, back reef, 0 - 3m (abundant) ; Gonodactylus platysoma, rubble, reef crest to back reef ( common) ; Gonodactylellus espinosus, live bench, rubble, reef crest to 3 m (common) ; Pseudosquilla ciliata, postlarvae in rubble, adults in burrows 0 - 30m, postlarvae at night light (common) ; Raoulserenea hieroglyphica, live plate corals, 30 - 40m (common) ; Raoulserenea ornata, rubble, reef crest, postlarvae at night light (rare) ; Lysiosquillina maculata, burrows in back reef, 1 - 3 m, larvae at night light (rare) ; Lysiosquillina sulcata, burrows in back reef and sand flats, larvae at night light (common) ; Pullosquilla litoralis, burrows in sandy back reef areas, 1-3m, larvae at night light (abundant) ; Pullosquilla thomassini, burrows in sandy back reef and lagoons, 1-30 m, larvae at night light (abundant) ; Parvasquilla multituberculata, worm tubes in solid coral heads, 1-40 m (rare).

    Several other records will be added, including new species, after Shane Ahyong work on the stomatopod collection made during the Marquesas 1997, MUSORSTOM 9 campaign. Latest modifications by Ahyong (e-mail 31/01/2001)

    Family Gonodactylidae

    Family Pseudosquillidae

    Family Nannosquillidae

    Family Tetrasquillidae

    Family Squillidae

    Family Protosquillidae

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